How I fell in love with wedding photography

My story of becoming a wedding photographer and finding my passion is a story of following my heart and pursuing my dreams. And it all started with a little girl in a princess dress dreaming of her own wedding day.

When I was a little girl, I loved watching Disney cartoons and imagining my own wedding day. I would spin around in my princess dress, dreaming of the day my prince would come and sweep me off my feet. As I grew older, I forgot about those childhood dreams and focused more on my education and future career.

Honestly, I have never even dreamed of being a wedding photographer. I studied Architecture and Civil Construction at University when a girl from my class bought a camera. She was a friend of mine, and she and her boyfriend were obsessed with photography. This feeling was contagious; later on, I found myself buying my first photo camera with the money I was saving for something special. Who knew that day would be the first day of my photography career?

At first, I saw photography as a way of freezing time and capturing memories. But it quickly became so much more than that for me. It was a way of expressing myself and the world around me through my own unique perspective.

I quickly realized that I was passionate about capturing people in their most natural state and in love. And so, my journey as a wedding photographer began.

There is something so special about capturing two people on the happiest day of weddings. The dresses, the flowers, the joy on everyone’s faces…I just knew that I wanted to be part of it all one day. That felt so magical, like being in the Disney cartoon I used to watch when I was younger. Capturing all the little moments and emotions that make up a wedding day is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it’s a privilege to be able to share these memories with couples on their big day.

Then I got married, and my husband and I started to travel. This opened new doors for me. I began shooting photoshoots and weddings from all over the world. I’ve met the most amazing couples and families, and I’m so grateful to have found my calling in life.

And so, here I am today. A Lisbon-based wedding photographer with a heart full of love for what I do, living my childhood dream every day. If you’re searching for a wedding photographer in Lisbon, I’m here for you. With my passion, creative eye, and years of experience, I will make sure to capture your special day in the most beautiful way possible. Let me be part of your love story.

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